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Index finger and pinky
63 28%
Index finger and ring finger
118 52%
Other way.
46 20%
Voters: 227.
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Do you power your powerchords with your index finger and ring finger or do you play like index finger and pinky?

I play with my index finger and pinky because it helps me play my powerchords better and some times both.

Sorry, I forgot both.
index and pinky! I have small hands, so I can't do it any other way
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Index/pinky 90% of the time. Sometimes I throw that extra octave in there just to get a fuller sound, sometimes.
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I use either 1 and 3 or 1 and 2. keeps the others open for coloring

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Normally index/pinky, but lately I've been playing in open tunings (DADGAD and CGCGCE namely) so the power chords for those are dropped...single fingered...

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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory

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Quote by eggsandham2
cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
i use my 1st and 3rd or my 2nd and 4th
all depends on which one is more comfortable for that chord
Index, ring and middle. Does anyone else play this way?

That's for root, fifth and octave by the way.
its more comfortable for some ppl to use the pinky instead of their index finger...personally i use mostly my index and pinky because i'm more accurate that way
I always add the extra octave (unless I've got a trebley sound and I'm playing a chord rooting from the A string). So index, ring and pinky .
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I always add the octave, so 1,3, and 4.
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2 note powerchords (i.e. root and fifth) - Index and Ring fingers
3 note powerchords (i.e. root, fifth and octave) - Index, Ring and Pinky fingers

That would be my vote, but since it's not an option, I'll go with index + ring...
Quote by AjKingpin
Index and ring bar the octave with the ring

What this guy said.
index and ring, EXCEPT if I know that I'm gonna have to drop the root by a fret as a transitional note, in which case I do index and pinky, then slide the index finger down the one fret

requires forethought, but is worth it
index and rang fanger. i got big ole meat hooks for hands
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Usually like a barred E (Index, ring, and pinky) but sometimes I do the bastardized thumb/ring.

I always do the octave as well.
i do index ring and pinky and grab the octave too
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I play them 4 different ways: (1) index and ring (2) index ring pinky, octave (3) 2nd finger pinky (4) one finger, for drop tunings
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Index and Ring Finger. I've been doing it like that for a long time and it gives me more room to add on with my pinky.
Yeah, I play index and ring, plus pinky for octave.
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index and ring fingers, ring finger to octave.
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Quote by Toniofalcon
Didn't know they were supposed to be only 2 fingers.

Index, ring, and pinky.

middle and ring.... but if im adding the octave (i usually do) ill use 1,3,4, or just bar the 3 and 4 and make sure that my picking hand is clean.

yeah, i play powerchords ****ed up.
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I use both ways. It depends on where my fingers go next.
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Index Ring

so I can still add some extra intervals on top with ma pinky if the needs arises
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I mostly use my index and ring fingers; for octaves, I'll barre my ring finger across the 5th and the octave.

Occasionally, I'll use my middle and pinky fingers to do power-chords. It removes my ability to add the octave, pinky's too weak.
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