Zoom G1 effects pedal has an optional expression pedal. Would that work the same as a wah pedal?
Also, if anybody knows:
Is there any way to get sustain out of a Zoom G1?
Is there any way to mix effects, because it seems like you can only have one at a time?
You can get a two "effects" at one time. A Wah expression effect and another. (Vibrato, Chorus. ect). Reverb is on a different option so you can have it regardless. You can set the Pedal to be Volume or ANY of the other effects, even reverb. I hope this helped.
Awesome, thanks. I was wondering if the expression pedal works the same as a normal rocker pedal, in the way it functions. In other words, I was wondering if it functions the same as a wah pedal.
i have the G1 Zoom pedal and it does have a wah setting on it, it's pretty good but you can get better i think.

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Yeah, are you talking about the autowah function, or do you have the expression pedal?
Also, is it worth it to buy the footswitch and the expression pedal, or do I only need the expression pedal?
The g1 pedal has no expression pedal and cant add one. The next model up 2.2 or what ever it is has the expression pedal. It works ok it odes a decent job of alot of different effects. Just not a great job like an individual pedal will do.
The pedal with the expression pedal is called the G1X.

I've got one and it's awesome! The expression pedals used for things like wah, volume, overdrive, reverb etc... It all depends on the effect so if I'm using a metal distortion the pedal would affect the volume whilst if I was using a reverb it would affect the amount of reverb it gives you.

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