like if im playing a C power chord ill put my index finger on the 3rd fret of the A string, ring finger on 5th fret of D string, and pinky on 5th fret of G string...
is this normal..

i mena i see most people saying they play w/ just index pinky...seems strange to me

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If it's comfortable for you then just play it that way. Nobody cares if anybody plays it different.
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is this basically just a 3 note power chord adding the octave?

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we all have our ways of doing things on the guitar mate, for example I hold my pick between my thumb and my middle finger, its just comfortable for me.
yeah, pretty much. i play it with my index on 3rd fret A, ring barred over the 5th frets of the D and G.
That's also how I play it.

I guess it's natural. All the people I know play 3-note powerchords like that.
yeh a lot of people i know use just 2 fingers using the 1st finger on the root and 3rd finger to barre the others. I play it like you described as i dont get a very clear sound with 2 fingers (i dont think my finger is strong enough maybe).
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It's natural for starting out, but it doesn't sound as good as when you use three fingers. You can hold down the octave better and get a less buzzy sound. If you work on playing with three fingers for about a week, you'll feel stupid playing any other way. It's just better technique.
i do that too
although i dont always add the octave

That's how I play it. I think that's how a LOT of people play it too.

I wouldn't worry about it.
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Some people like the sound of adding in the Octave (what you play with your pinky) And some people prefer the chords without them. I personally choose not to add the octave most of the time, although if it suits the song then i will play it. I find it usually brightens up the chord, but i play metal a lot so you can see where my tendencies come from
Its the same interval or power chord either way... if I'm playing with distortion I find that adding the octave with an extra finger really thickens the power chord.
what are you tlaking about? I am a noob please dont confuse me with big words liek that.
If I strum power chords I add the octave but normally I don't....and I switch between index + ring and index + pinky....
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