Hi there! Ok. As it stands I don't like it. This is why though. The song overall is a good song. But the drums are so at of time, that it makes it hard to keep listening. IMO, the drums and bass are the foundation for a song, so when either of those are out of time it kinda ruins an otherwise pretty good song.

What I did like was the vocals, and the guitar. The rhythm was catchy and poppy sounding which makes for a nice song. The solo tone was a little weak, but nothing terrible.
Overall it is a start to a good song. Keep it up.


I don't know what the first poster was talking about, the drums sound fine all through the song. Both the lead guitar and the backup vocals sounded really good with the lead vocals. I liked the breakdown part near the end, that added a nice touch and without it I think that the song might have gotten a bit boring. It's not a bad song overall.
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It's not that the drums aren't in time with the music. That is what the dude said, but what i THINK he meant to say is that the guitar and drums do not folow each other at all. That really isn't the drum loop to use with that guitar rhythm.
ok...I know everyone is saying that the drums are in time. This is what I hear. They do not seem like a loop at all. They seem like they were played on the fly using a midi controller. And in spots they seem to slow down and speed up randomly. This could be caused by the overall melody not matching the drums well, but either way, the drums do not work, which is all I was really stating. I like the song and the potential of what it could be though.