I just bought a 6505+ and I have to run it through the speakers of my MG250 until I can afford a cab. The back of the MG says "Output: 2x50 watts RMS into 8(Omega)". So I set the head to 8 Ohms right? I wanted to be sure so I don't mess my new toy up.
don't ****ing bump after 12 minutes, gezz.

All you have to make sure is that your 6505 is set to 8ohms
ok cool that's what I thought...I'll post some pics later

EDIT: there are 2 speakers and a cable for each coming from the MG. Each one says min 8Ohms, do I still set it to 8 or do I set it to 4 b/c there are 2 cables? I'm kind of confused b/c the output from the MG is 8 but each speaker jack says 8.
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