My guitar teacher got a notice saying he'd been invited to a special guitar lesson with Paul Gilbert for an hour before one of his gigs. Catch is....It costs £350 which is about........ $693.747 apparently.

Personally I think it is a bit of a ridiculous price but each to their own I guess. I suppose some people must go for it for the mere fact that they actually bother running the thing.

Even if this is legit, which it probably isn't, would you do it? Is there someone you would pay insane amounts of money to be taught by?
Its a trap

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If I had that cash and I didn't need it for something else, I would.

Same thing I was thinking.
I would do it if I didn't need new pickups, a Floyd Rose, some paint, a better speaker, tubes, a noise gate, some effects, et cetera...

But yes, it would be a great opportunity to ask advice and stuff.
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I would some of the money to buy backstage passes to a concert and meet someone there. And then spend the rest of on something else.
i don't think it's real because there are VIP tickets to his show wich includes the one hour lesson, shirt, cd, dvd, ticket to the show and it's only 160 euros wich is 250$