Hey UG!
I've been saving up my pennies and i now have enough for a decent amp!
I have my eyes on the Orange Rocker 30H,i tried the combo equivelant and it sounded beautiful. However, i need something that i wont have to spend 1K plus (GBP) to upgrade when that time comes again.
The only problem with this is the matching cab is realy expensive and a 2X12.

My question is can i run it through a different cab without messing everything up? And can you suggest a different cab thats a bit chaper than the orange one, but would do the same if not a better job?

Thanks in advance, links are below




why would tyou get a 120 wat cab with a 30 watt head?

and it deosnt say anything about the ohm rating on the head so find that out and ya.. thats it
You can use any cab so long as the impedences match.

Why not just get the combo?
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I'd try either Avatar or Lopoline, they make awesome, affordable cabs
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Maybe think about a 112. You should be able to get a good cab with a good speaker for fairly cheap if it's a 112.
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The Head has 2x 8 ohm outputs and 1x16 ohm outputs,
thanks for all your advice, will the cab change the tone of the head or will it not really make much if any difference?