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Yes, he'll be okay with the heat.
18 86%
No, he'll burn to death.
3 14%
Voters: 21.
Alright, so my family have been wanting a dog recently, and have decided on getting a Saint Bernard puppy.

Or that's what we thought. We're well aware of the size and drool factor, and we can deal with the shedding factor pretty easy. Hell, we used to have an Alaskan Malamute, so that's no big deal.

The problem is, we live in Texas (although it is the north end of the state), and things get HOT down here. I know Saints are from Switzerland, and I'm worried that the dog might not be able to handle the Texas heat. In the summer, the normal temperature is in the mid-nineties (Fahrenheit).

Although, I doubt he'll be an outside dog, and our house is typically air-conditioned. They aren't known for being particularly overactive and requiring a ton of exercise, so that might help too. I've also seen a kind of icepack/collar item at the petstore for dogs when it gets too hot. We're also aiming for a short-haired one, so that might cool him down.

So far, we've gotten mixed reactions from people. My friend's mother advised against it, and so have a couple others. But my uncle's neighbors own a St. Bernard (they live in Austin, which is hotter and further south than Denton), and he does fine down there. He's a pretty big dog too, at 180 pounds. In addition to that, our neighbors own American Eskimos, and my friend used to have a Husky. They all did fine in this weather.

So, Pit, I have come to you for advice on the matter. Any advice is appreciated.
Well on the one hand, you are taking the dog right out of its normal environment so it's not correctly adapted to the heat. However if, as you say, you've talked to people who actually own dogs more suited to cooler environments and they get on fine then I suppose your dog should not be an exception. Dont quote me on this though.
Just don't let the dog outside for too long, especially on the hotter days. Big chance of having a heat stroke.
you'll just need to shepherd him inside in the heat. our dog lies outside in the sun and starts panting like crazy on hot days (yes, there HAS been hot days) and we have bring him in, but as long as there's shade available, you'll be fine.
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You say you used to have an ALASKAN dog though?

Do you really think Switzerland is drastically colder than Alaska? Or colder at all for that matter?

Yes, actually. Or at least where the Saints were kept, up in the mountains.

Malamutes are working and sled dogs, and lived in the wide plains, not in the Swiss Alps.

Saint Bernards were bred by monks as rescue dogs to help victims of blizzards/avalanches/etc. in the mountains.
Ask the breeder from whom you'll be getting it. Please, under any circumstance, never get one from a puppy mill. Those puppies are disturbed.
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they have a tendancy to get cancer. in fact most purebred dogs have health issues. get a mutt
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At least youre gonna GET a dog. My dog went deaf, wandered 3 miles to the highway (I live in the country on a farm), and got hit by a semi. I saw him on the road when I went in town for church. Now my mom wants a purebred St. Bernard from the humane society that doesn't shed or drool that much. And living in the country, hearing the coyotes every night gets a little scary.


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id go for a dog with a shorter coat if you're living in a hot area.

either that or jut make sure theres always water around for it to drink from
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id go for a dog with a shorter coat if you're living in a hot area.

either that or jut make sure theres always water around for it to drink from

Regular Saints are shorthaired dogs.

The longhaired ones were sort of a failed breeding experiment to help them stay warm in the mountains. Turned out that ice froze to the longer hair and killed the dogs.
i used to own a saint bernard

it was allergic to texas....
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