hey guys, I am looking to get into playing drums, and I really want to keep my set under 600$ any ideas?
also, should I go electric or acoustic?
Are you a beginner? Are you looking for a beginner set? Are you sure you want to spend that much on your first drum kit, you might not like it.

As for acoustic or electric, where do you live? Does anyone near you mind noise? What kind of space have you?
i think acoustic's sound the best. but the things mikerev siad are alo true.
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Hell yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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a CB drumset is a good beginner set....
and youll realize after you play it the first time it was completely worth the 100 bucks you spent on it

right now i have a gretsch 4 piece catalina club set that i bought for 600 but with cymbals and hardware my setup is roughly 1200 bucks
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