I was looking into buying effects pedals... a UGer told me that an AMT DT-2 is a gr8 pedal and it will drive a headset of i connect it directly to it... i just wasn’t to make sure of couple of things, is this pedal worth the money?? is it as good as i was told... my second question will be about ordering the pedal form musician's friend, do they ship to a US po box??? Also i found the same pedal but with a discount price, however it says AMT DT-2 scratch 'n' Dent does this scratch and dent thing describe the pedal state??? it says nothing in the item info... besides i thought that MF sells new stuff only :S
please i need some enlightenment............
yes, chances are it is scratched or dented noticeably. Shouldn't affect performance of it at all though
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Bitches don't know
Actually, chances are there's little to no noticeable damage. I've never heard of someone buying a scratch 'n dent and being able to find the issue. That's just how MF has to classify items that were purchased and returned and repackaged. 9/10 will have no damage whatsoever.
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You only need one full stop or question mark at the end of each sentence.

No idea about the pedal.
hahaha nice one
ok so another question pops into mind... how do MF handle their payments... honestly i never bought a single thing online before and am totaly lost here
Why do you put ellipses after each sentence?

What do you mean handle them? Like payment options? It says what the payment options are on the website.
its just a bad habit i developed, well ok am tryin to use paypal at the moment
how about the pedal itself, anyone has any reserves before i actually buy it???