I like them both too much :S

I have a fixed bridge at the moment but i want a guitar with a trem because i really want to learn new things and also so i don't have to tune all the time They both look awesome, i will try and play both before i buy but it might not be possible, will purchase September time.

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I have a fixed bridge at the moment but i want a guitar with a trem because i really want to learn new things and also so i don't have to tune all the time.

Sounds like your 1st trem system. Ever played or tried to tune a floyd rose?
Pain in the arse trying to drop D a floyd rose.

Both nice looking guitars though.
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Without knowing what you play or what amp you have, id say that the RG looks like a good bet, mainly becuse the Dean has and LFR, i think, and the RG's Edge Zero is, by all accounts, a great trem system
for the price the dean is mohognay..........the ibanez basswood...........try to play them both and see which one You like most.
Damn that dean is nice.

Go for the dean. I rarely see Dean strat-styles, i always see a million ibanez's.
I play metal mainly with a bit of dabbling into rock etc. And yes i have tuned some floyd roses and my brother has a trem in his ibanez so i think i'd be ok.

I will try to play the ibanez somewhere but i think the Dean will be impossible to play somewhere, it's a fairly rare guitar i think, just came out, hardly anyone stocks them :S I really like the look of the Dean but the Ibanez looks better on paper.

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I personally prefer the Vendettas over most RG models. Out of those two, I would take the Dean on looks, feel and the fact that it's a neck through build and doesn't have a middle pickup, which I tend to never use.
Both have Dimarzio pickups, so that's a bit of a toss up.
Both have Floyd Rose "style' trems...Dean - A Licensed version & Ibanez - Their own version of a Floyd...but not the "Zero Resistance" trem that has been so highly touted on their "S" series guitars...again, a bit of a toss up. I personally again prefer the more standard Floyd style on the Dean.
As someone else mentioned...The Ibanez is Basswood w/a flat top, while the Dean is Mohagany body w/a slightly arched Flamed, Maple top. Personal pref again...I do like a shallow arch on the top & the arch on the Deans is not overly deep. The Ibanez, with it's flat top & lower set trem will give you a pretty different feel, which you will probably prefer, if you've already spent a good deal of time playing an Ibanez. Also the Maple/Mohagany combo tends to give you a little more complex, ballsier tone, where as the Basswood is a little more neutral..which can be better in it's own right, if you are fond of effects or complex signal chains....or just prefer the versitility of coloring your tone more with your setup, than the with the basic nature of the guitar itself.

Also..the Ibanez necks tend to feel a bit wider across the fretboard & thinner from the front to the back of the neck. The Deans are just a tad chunkier feeling and don't feel quite as flat on the back of the neck.

LOL....So...Long story short....I would probably choose the Dean, but if you are already more familiar and comfortable with Ibanez...that is most likely your better choice.