Ive been playing guitar for a couple of years, its my number one hobby, and not to sound stuck up or anything, Im good at playing. Recently I have been studying deep into music theory but im having trouble applying it to my playing, and then I had this conversation with a guy who said he had one lesson with a "famous" blues guitarist and said his guitar playing level was raised way above where it was prior which got me thinking if I should take lessons. But before I throw money in the endless pit that is guitar lessons, I thought I would ask some questions around here. SO! I was wondering, do any of you think lessons are worth it? Have they made you better then you would of expected, stuff like that.
PS. I realize all teachers are different, but they all have the same general effect, right?
I've had guitar lessons. It's great having someone that can explain stuff in loads of different ways and can tailor your learning to suit you. They also help to fine tune technique and just give little hints that the internet can't provide. See how you get on, if you're happy with how you're progressing dont bother but it may be worth having a few.