A few years ago I started to play guitar and bought a korean epiphone les paul. i lost interest after about a year, and since then i've been lackadaisically playing the same basic stuff every few weeks and not learning anything new. But suddenly I'm very motivated to get back into it, and i want to upgrade from my little guitar research amp I picked up for 20 dollars (LOL) Im looking at the Vox Valvetronix AD15VT, but im not sure if 15 watts is to weak. Also Im really into punk/indie rock if the means anything. suggestions???
If you play in your bedroom, 15 watts is just right. It might be enough for a band rehearsal, too.

The Vox sounds great and it has a wide range of tones. It's a popular choice, for a good reason. I say check it out. In any case, it'll probably be an improvement over your current amp.
Well, I've never heard of a guitar research amp...but it don't sound too good especially at 20 bucks. The Valvetronix is a great place to start, as it has modelling and FX, some stuff to fool around with and make things fun.

Remember, the important thing is to learn to play your guitar...the better you play (or at least as it becomes comfortable to you), the more enjoyable it becomes.

If you do loose interest again, at least you won't be out much with the Vox.