Something I've always found difficult when mixing is when i use 2 (or more) separate guitar tracks (one panned left and one panned right) and trying to make them cut through the mix individually and be heard clearly...

I've been working on something all night and i found this problem. I'm recording some hard rock style stuff a kind of Velvet Revolver/Modern Motley Crue sound to it and I'm just wondering how to get the best sound from the mix and make both guitar tracks cut through and heard cleanly yet still keeping the mix together

Any suggestions?
Well you'd probably need to eq them a little diffrentley. For each track. Try one track with lets say...

Bass- 6


Treble- 8

volume- 5

and try another with

bass- 6

mids- 9



Hope that works man, that kind of creates one tone scooped and another not. You really have to watch your tracking. Make sure you make one volume louder than another, otherwise all your mids turn to mush.
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Nice one..
yeah im putting it more down to the amp settings than the mix itself
I'll try it tomorrow

Instead of panning 100% left or right, try doing 30 or 40. If your doing 100 completely, the guitars will sound completely unassociated. I usually pan mine at about 30, depending on if its a distorted or clean track i'm mixing down.
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