As I've been going around, playing more and more larger (50W+) tube amplifiers, I've come to realize that I want my next amplifier to be something British-voiced. This is a little far in advance - I don't see myself buying something anytime soon - but it's going to be a substantial investment, and I'm not taking it lightly.

While I want the amp to have the British crunch and grit, I also want it to have the sustain and gain of modern American high-gain amps. I'd ideally want to play metal/metalcore/shred with it, and occasional classic rock/blues/cleans. I was looking at the Splawn Quickrod and Orange Rockerverb 50, but haven't had a chance to try either one, and am purely basing this off demo mp3s and videos. Here's some of my requirements:

- $2000-2500 for the head or a 2x12 combo.
- Used or new.
- At least two channels.
- FX loop.
- No more than 100 watts, if possible.
- Footswitchable.
- Preferably something I have a chance of finding in a store or on Craigslist (this may cross out the Splawn), just because I like to try before I buy.

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look at some more orange, they can do some pretty mean high gain stuff, they can pretty much do anything.
Only the Orange Thunderverb and Laney GH50L are springing to mind.
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I tried the rockerverb and rocker 30 about 6 months ago, I wouldn't pick either one for a high-gain amp. I was SO sure that I was going to buy a rocker 30 until I played one too. It sounded pretty amazing clean and real low gain but more into 80s metal(which isn't very high gain) it didn't sound great(at least not worth the money). That's just what I thought.

Splawn seems pretty beastly but I have never played or heard it in real life so I can't really say for sure if thats what you want.

I'm no expert in American vs British voiced, just thought I would throw in my opinion of oranges in high gain territory.
Ask Windsen (riffguy) to describe his Splawns, the Quickrod and Nitro. And maybe you should get an account at Harmony Central since not many people know about Splawns...

EDIT: the only Orange I'd consider for metal is the Thunderverb.
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My Marshall JCM 900 is pretty high gain now that it has the telsa tubes, i think thats what they are. throw EMG`s in front of it and it`s on fire put a MXR 108 10 band in the FX loop and you`ll pull off anything you want.
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although, just personal opinion, but I think the Orange are a little overpriced in the states. Also Meteoro, basically a hotrodded JCM900, and the Mako Makoplex might be some others to look at. You will have a hard time trying them first though. Laney sounds like it might be an option, although I've only heard them in clips. ENGL blackmore might be something to look at too, sort of a Marshall vibe to them. Splawn are my favorite by far for the modern take on the British sound however, if you are going for metal tones. The amp I'm currently gassing over for the british sound with a modern take is the Cameron CCM and CCV, just incredible sounding amps, but scarce availability.
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