Alright I dunno what these are or whatever so thats why I'm asking.

I've noticed that aside from doing Pinch Harmonics, if I put my ring finger of my strum hand on the string and pick it and pull off the ring finger that it pretty much does a harmonic.

Is this just another form of doing it? or what?

Just in case I didn't explain correctly... the longer version:

-Hold down fret just like a normal harmonic, but there's no need to hold the pick in an awkward position. You hold it just like normal but place your ring finger (or any other finger I'm guessing, but that's the one I've naturally used) of the strumming hand on the string as well as the pick. And once you pick, you pull off, and it works like a harmonic.

I was just wondering because I seem to be able to do these far easier than pinch's and no awkward pick holding is a plus too lol.
ive never heard of that and im positive its not the same as a pinch harmonic
I think that that is harp harmonic, it is pretty much the same general idea of a pinch, I think. Since you are touching the string with flesh briefly, and thats what you are doing with a pinch. And if it makes the sound you want and it makes it's easier for you, than keep doing it
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Yeah, it's the same as a pinch harmonic, it's just less practical to use that method during faster passages. I played them like that before I could do them with my thumb
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It's the same thing, I did the same thing, though it might not serve in the long run because you have to reorganise your right hand or stretch a lot.

If you want to do pinch harmonics with the thumb of your right hand and the plectrum, then try starting off with artificial harmonics (plucked with the thumb on the string twelve frets above the depressed fret) then move the right hand up to the pickups - it made it easier for me.
those are called natural harmonics. Instead of putting pressure on the string, you lightly rest your finger on he string and pull of when picked.
Yeah I used that technique for a bit, but I'd suggest learning to pinch as quickly as possible Just slide your thumb down so it just goes below the point of the pick and then play a string (5th, 7th, 9th, 11th frets on G string are good for this) and hopefully you should get a nice pinch harmonic sound
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that's called a natural harmonics

here's a great video bout harmonics, give it a look


That'll tell you all you need to know =]
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