I was trying out my brother's wah pedal today, and while scrambling with the cords I accidentally plugged the amp into the input and the guitar into the output. I got a high pitched squeal of a sound that could be changed from rocking the pedal. It only gave the sound from the lower half of the wah. Switching the pickups and turning the tone also changed the pitch, and by putting the tone knob at the right spot the squeal/screech would start pulsing.

I know I haven't found something new since I heard that David Gilmour did this on the song Echoes. I just want to know if it does anything bad to the guitar, amp, or pedal.

I play a Ibanez GSA60 through a small Guitar Research amp. The wah is a classic Dunlop Crybaby.
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i doubt anything bad would happen, except if it's too loud your eardrums might burst.

sounds like a pretty cool effect though.
yea, people have done that before. it sounds kick ass. i do it to. i play bass through my marshall MG (i know, i know) and it shouldn't do any more harm than that i hope
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Haha, I just tried it, it's pretty cool. Provided me with about a minute and a half of fun. I don't think I'm ever gonna use it again though...
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