I was wondering what pedals would not change the distortion of my amp, but instead round it out and or modify it without making it digital or changing the tone completely and instead just mold it. I have an EQ pedal coming within the next couple of week, I was just wondering if a pedal such as an Ibanez Tubescreamer or something else would flush the sound of my amps distortion better/add to it.

Also what muti-effects pedals can be used that do not change the sound of my amp, by just adding a digital tone to it? A friend told me that the the Boss ME-20 or ME-50 does that. Is it true and if not, what multi-effect pedal can give me chorus, flanger, echo, and phaser without ****ing with my amp?
I don't know about the Boss ME-20, although I do know Line 6 are very good.
I don't actually have any pedals of my own, but I've used other peoples and I'd say Line 6 is very good for digital effects, I can't give you a model there are a few.

I wouldn't recommend anybody getting a Line 6 Amp though because it is so digital that you can't get a 'real clean' tone out of it. You have all these preset buttons to get preset tones such as blues, jazz, rock, metal etc... but you can't really edit them or change treble, bass, middle or gain. Which kinda sucks.

Oh well there is my 5 cents worth, hope that helps you.
A compressor may get you the tone you're looking for, but wait until you get your eq to see how wel that works for you.
Also, I wouldn't recommend any sort of multi-effects unit, aside from the pod pro rackmount, which is something like $600 anyway. If you do end up settling for a multi-fx unit stay far away from digitech and the boss me-50. I had the digitech RPX-400 for about a week before I returned it cause it sounded god awful, and at the time it was one of the best ones they put out aside from their GNX's, which I haven't tried, but can't imagine that it would be better enough to justify the 4 or 500 tag on it. Some people love the Roland GT-8, though I can't vouch for that.
Also to the poster above me, Line 6 make some great amps in the Flextone, Vetta and Duoverb series. Their Spider series gave them a bad name, but really thats mostly where the flak for LIne 6 should end, as they make other quality products.
you're looking for an overdrive. tubescreamer, fulltone OCD, jeckll and hyde, etc.
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Well I dont need an amp, I got a B-52 ST-6012 and it kicks ass, I just want to be able to tweak my distortion and tone, as well as adding effects with either a multi-pedal or a few really great pedals. I had a Line 6 Spider III. Liked the effects, hated the amp.

Ok then if overdrive is what beefs up my distortion and natural tone, what are some good overdrive pedals.
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all the ones i just listed....plus:
electro harmonix:
germanium overdrive
english muff'n
digitech bad monkey,
boss OD1, OD2, super OD
there are literally tons of them....

if you are electronics savy, i suggest the BYOC screamer. its a tubescreamer, you build it yourself, which allows a few different options in the clipping section of the circuit.

but any of the fulltone overdrives are top notch, as well as most boutique stuff.
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