whats the difference between the Omen-6 FR and the Omen-6 Extreme FR.

or is it all just a marketing gimmick, like extreme sports

EDIT: i know the inays are different but is that it?
The extreme series also tend to have figured tops on them, like quilted maple, and translucent finishes; they look nice, if I could try a schecter anywhere around here I might buy one.
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They dont make an omen fr

They do, but more or less for every country except the U.S. If you go to their website and choose a country such as Belgium or Canada, it'll display the extreme series, including the Omen 6 FR and Omen 6 Extreme FR.

The difference? I can barley see any between the two apart from the color of their bindings and small, trivial things (at least in my opinion anyway) such as those. Seems to be a marketing scheme, but take a closer look at the specs if you want to on their site. I can't tell much difference, but I only took a quick glance.
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