I want to change my Seymour Duncan Livewires out for EMGs, but I dunno if I want an EMG 81/60 set or an EMG 81/81 set in my RR3. Can someone link me a vid that demos/ shows what an 81 sounds like in the neck position?
What don't you like about the Livewires?

The 60 gets a much nicer, more mellow clean and low- gain tone... by EMG standards, at least. The 81 in the neck barely even sounds like a neck pickup imo.
81 is a really good bridge pick-up with lots of attack, I really wouldnt suggest it for a neck lead tone.
Just listen to Metallica. Kirk has the 81/81 and James has the 81/60. Search for a video on youtube of someone playing a Kirk esp guitar. I have the 81/60 combo and the 60 gives really nice cleans.

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What amp?
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