i hope this is right thread. it may not but. anyway most ppl have not heard of these people but they are great. i saw them live they are so sick. i mean the whole band is always moving and the lead guitar dude is always doing one handed cart wheels on stage its awesome.
Yay Burden Of A Day rocks! I love the cartwheels the guitarist does on stage too xD
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You are a redeeming feature for the UG Swedish population.

I find them to be pretty boring, I only have their Blessed Be Our Ever After CD though.
Midnight whispers choke the daffodils, that were in your hair.
Really boring band.
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Necrophagist how could all you n00bs forget the best german metalcore band ever. i think theyre tech metalcore tho or sumfin
I saw them 2 years ago and they sucked. I'm too lazy to listen to what they sound like now.
That loser shit's right out the window!
I was tossing recs around with a mte. I introduced him to the Carrier, he introduced me to this garbage. Never listening to him again..