looking for a cheap copy of a Rickenbacker 4003 or sting ray to play as i take a break from guitar

also can a bass be play on a guitar amp if i keep the volume low?

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playing bass on a guitar amp is really not a good idea, safest to buy one or use headphones. The bass will mess up the speaker on a guitar amp but if you put headphones in it doesn't go through the speaker so you'll be fine

Vintage make a copy of the Stingray, but i've never seen any Rickenback rip-offs before
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Doesn't OLP normally make alot of EB Music Man ripoffs? Not sure if they do basses, but I know you can get guitars that are EBMM copies...

EDIT: Voila!
Not sure you'll be able to find any Rickenbacker copies though

And no, you can't run a bass through a guitar amp without a LOT of extra equipment (a-la Wolfgang Van Halen, although I think even he uses a bass amp, it's just that he uses the EVH 5150 III guitar cabs, an attenuator, and something to split the EQ somehow...).
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Rick copies are rare, simply because Rickenbacker likes to be exclusive. Many of the copies put on Ebay are taken down for this reason. I think Ibanez? made a Rick copy, but you'll be hard pressed to find one.
Quote by IndianRockStar
Rick copies are rare, simply because Rickenbacker likes to be exclusive. Many of the copies put on Ebay are taken down for this reason. I think Ibanez? made a Rick copy, but you'll be hard pressed to find one.

yeah thats right, ibanez made ric copies during the 70s i think but its really rare to find a used one these days, a few have been thrown on ebay.au and the usual price is like 500-800 AUD as for the OLP ray copies Im not too sure but i think OLP is a discontinued brand (not too sure mind you) so hopefully you can pick up a 2nd hand one cheap

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I'm pretty sure OLP lost their contract with Ernie Ball and is stopping production.

I've been trying, but I haven't found copies of either of these basses.
Sorry to be so... bad news-bearing.
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There used to be a lot of different Rick copies out there ranging from decent to made-out-of-a-couch quality, but Rickenbacker decided at some point that they didn't want to risk cheapening their brand reputation on the off chance that people sold the copies as genuine Rick products.

Now, Rickenbacker puts great amounts of effort and cash into seeking out and eliminating the knock-offs. From what I can see, they're close to succeeding in annihilating the competition if they haven't already. Every now and then, one will pop up on E-Bay, but aside from that, you shouldn't be able to get a hold of one outside of music shops that have one or two in their used instrument sections.

OLP makes EBMM copies that are actually somewhat decent. They're at the least a fair value.

Good luck!
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You can get them here in the UK, under the name "rockinbetter" and allegedly manufactured by tokai.

There is a music shop in london who deals in them- although they are around £500, thats $1000 so not cheap.

Infact just found one on the bay:


As for the MM copies, "vintage" guitars do a copy over here in the UK, but I've no idea on price, or their avalability in the US. They're normally good value though from what i've heard- never played one myself though.
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