well, i have a bronze edition B.C. rich warlock, and it got a problem (what a suprise!). when ever i strum any of the first through third strings i get an unwanted harmonic on the fourth fifth or sixth strings, it can get real loud too, ive tried adjusting the neck, and the bridge, i don't know what to do. i know its not the amp or the jack either. any suggestions?
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ur problem is that its a BC rich
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its because its a low end BC rich, the only good stuff that comes out of BC rich is the expensive guitars, or the custom shop ones. the cheap one (warlocks, beasts, etc.) all suck and are bad quality.

Sell it and get a new guitar.
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Your guitar is haunted
Drown it in petrol and cleanse it with fire

a good plan B

pluck each string individually and see what happens(oh and tell us if you can't trouble shoot from there). it sounds like its either the bridge or you. imo
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well is the strings hitting any frets?

when you adjusted it, did you do it right?

i`ve been the owner of BC Rich guitars for 4 years and NEVER had a problem, this is the 1st time i havn`t had a BC Rich in my house in 4-5 years, which sucks but i`m getting a loner NJ Warlock tomarrow YAY.