Hey guys, this really isn't a problem but it does make me worry. The pickup selector on my new Jackson is fairly easy to switch between bridge and neck pickups. It feels almost too easy, like it only needs a small amount of force to change it. My other guitars selectors weren't like this so I am asking if this is normal. It stays in place once its switched but even the smallest tap will switch it. So can anyone ease my worrying by telling me if this is alright? Sorry if I confused anyone, it's hard to explain what I mean. Thanks.
ummm I don't think anything is wrong with it , actually I thought mine felt kind of like that(jackson JS30RR) but I don't notice it anymore

and I have to to ask does your name mean?
As= As I Lay Dying
Shadows=Shadows Fall
Remains=All That Remains????
if it stays in place its ok
and if you are too worried just buy other switch, they are not expensive
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Wow...I never noticed that before, haha. And no, it's a name that me and my buddy Eric came up with for our band.
I had a guitar with a switch like that. There was no problem standing still, but moving the guitar too much would sometimes cause it to change pick-ups. 15 dollars and soldering iron was all it took to replace it with one that worked better.
I tried that with it, I tried moving it and shaking it and it stays in place perfectly, it seems to only switch when there is direct pressure applied to it. I just don't it to become so bad that it does switch when I move it.