hey guys,

Im in a bit of a dilemma

Im stuck between a Peavey transtube Bandit 112 and a Randall rg75 G3 or G2. One store is selling the 2 Randalls another is selling the peavey. Is the extra 5 watts on the Peavey really that big of a deal? The peavey also costs more. the store that sells it is like an hour and a half drive away.

The Randalls now, One is a g3 the other is a g2. Even though the G3 is newer, the g2 is more expensive. Any reason for that?

Please help me choose, I play metal and rock so a cean channel isn't too importaint to me. Also, i heard a some negative stuff about Randall's distortion.

Please rate these 3 amps, the G3, the G2 and the 112 Bandit:

Jackson Dinky DK2L
Epiphone LP Standard
Yamaha Acoustic
Bugera 1990 w/ Peavey 2x12 cab
The RG75 is tube isn't it?
The G3 is just the updated version
If it's tube, then it will most likely be louder than the Peavey
Randalls are excellent for distortion and if it's tube, then it'll give you a very nice distortion
The Peavey's distortion isn't great either, so I'd go for the RG75 G3 out of those
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Randall is not pure tube, it only has one 12AX7 in the preamp, which does almost nothing to the tone.
Neither is the Peavey

Dude, for what your paying for either of those, you could easily get a used 5150, which would kick the crap out of both of those amps.
Hell a B52 AT-100 would be better even.
Look into

Used Peavey 5150
B52 AT-100
Randall RG50TC

Those would all be much better
And don't just look on musiciansfriend
Craigslist any of those amps.

Trust me, get that 5150 and your ears will thank you later