Ok so I really want to get an iceman IC-350, mainly because I really dig the sound of the pickups and SOADS guitarist Daron Malakian influenced me a ton to play guitar.

Im looking for somebody in the Kansas City area to trade with, I can pay for shipping unless its really pricey (outside of the US), and it will probably be done over paypal or something like that unless you dont mind sending the guitar before you get payment

It needs to come with everything its supposed to, pickups, floyd rose, knobs etc. If something is missing then we can discuss it.

Cash Payment:

Im getting payed for my temporary job in a couple of weeks (im going out of town in like a couple of days). Ill be getting around 250-300$ guaranteed but I might get some bonuses. My parents also might let me take some money out of my savings to help pay for it (100-200$ at most)
So ill be getting a decent sum of money to pay for it.

I was also hoping that I could trade you some of my current stuff to help lower the price a little so heres some stuff im willing to trade for it =)


I have some guitar gear I can add too with some cash.

Guitar - Peavey EXP Generation Series QCM 33964 Metallic Gold Finish, Ive never seen any one in this model (ive seen the newer model but none of the older model). Great condition, a missing knob but I have the switch knob thing. Payed 420$ for it







I also have a crybaby wah pedal (you have to manually press the button though to turn it on and off)



and my ARC digital effects processor (over like 120 different effects)



I also have some computer games that I can add to the cash


Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion for the PC, brand new. (computer wasnt fast enough so it didnt work)

Got it for 50$

tons of PC games lol

Search and rescue

combat flight simulator WWII europe series

Comache 4

Sonic CD

Sonic and Knuckles collection

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

Sid Meiers Pirates

Star Wars BattleFront 2

Ultimate Ride Coaster Deluxe

Battlezone 2

The Age of Empires 2 The Conqeurors Expansion Pack

Thanks a ton in advance, I would appreciate it if somebody sold to me too, ive been looking for one for a LONG time