I wana get some new pedals for my new rig. Peavey 6505+
Im new to the effects since I used a line 6 with built in effects.

I definitly need....

wah pedal
tube screamer/booster
maybe a looper also

i was thinking should i get pedals or multi effects board.

so im asking which multi effects board if i need it
or which pedals for these effects
im assuming you play metal, but what's your budget?

i would get seperate pedals so you can individually pick each one to define your sound. I don't know about the other stuff you need, but i just got a Dime Crybaby From Hell wah pedal, and it sounds great for everything from blues and funk to metal.
A good mid-priced wah would be a Vox V847 or a Morley switchless, depending on how you wanna use it. Boss pedals are a good way to go IMO, most are competitvely priced, and are pretty much in the middle quality and sound-wise. I would go with a TS9 for your boost. A cool thing to have would be a Visual Sound H2O chorus/echo pedal. Its a two-in-one, and costs less than 2 pedals seperatly.
u think that a multi effects will be unessary if i only need these 4 or 5 pedals
If you play Halen you'll want an MXR Phase 90 & MXR Flanger or the EVH versions for that signature sound. Definately Ibanez TS9 for overdrive. And for Chorus Boss CE-5.
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Multi-fx would be a waste for those few pedals. You'd have all the crap you won't use. Sure it will be cheaper, but it will sound like garbage.

For chorus, Get a Small Clone
For wah, maybe a Dunlop 535Q
Tube screamer/ booster? get a Maxon OD-9

Reverb idk, and i dont see much point in a volume pedal, unless you have a really good one
digitech bad monkey for overdrive. i paly gnr and van halen with it turned about halfway down on the level and at 6 or 7 on the overdrive and it kicks ass.
I wouldn't suggest getting a bunch of boss or digitech pedals, especially if you're using 4 or 5 of them. The poor bypasses will kill your tone. It really all depends on your budget. But out of curiosity, what is it you want the OD pedal for? I KNOW your amp has enough gain for your bands.
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I play some of the same stuff as you and i have loads of pedals. after trying out a few others in their catagory these are the ones i have chosen. I have a large budget, so i guess it all depends on that to a degree.

-2x Dunlop DC Brick
-Boss Tuner
-MXR Smart Gate
-MXR Boost/linedriver
-Dunlop Cry baby Zakk Wilde
-Digitech Whammy
-EHX Micro Pog
-Zvex Machine
-Ibanez Turbo Tube Screamer (keeley custom)
-Boss BD-2 (keeley custom)
-Zvex Fuzz Factory
-Boss DS-1 (keeley custom)
-Boss MT-2 (keeley custom)
-MXR 10 band EQ
-Phase 100
-Boss Phase Shifter
-Zvex Tremorama
-Boss DD-7 (w/ EV-5)
-Boss DD-7 (w/ FS-5U)
-EHX Memory man with hazarai

Remember to try lots of things out before you buy and DON'T get a multi-effects, it'll kill you're tone.
Good choice of amp btw
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