I work at Boys and Girls Club and at a staff meeting last week my manager asked all of the staff if we had any hobbies and I said I play guitar and I would love to teach the children how. Previously there was a guitar tutor during the school year but left to .. I believe.. see his family for the summer.

So anyway now I'm going to teach children to do what I love to do! Only problem I'm not sure where to start.. the classes would be for 8-15 year olds. I've taught all my ex-girlfriends how to play guitar but children.. eh. I was thinking about starting simple with chords and definately emphasize compliments if they do it correctly and I suppose I will teach them tablature.. hmm well what do you all think? Every night for homework I'll have them do scales, starting with 2 every night and gradually increasing the number and then having maybe a quiz every 2 weeks to show me some chords and scales and if they do it complete I'll buy em some ice cream. Everyone loves ice cream!

Okay anyway I'll stop typing now What do you all think? Suggestions?
If they don't each own a guitar, then you won't be able to. You could teach them music theory though.
I don't see why not. It'll be difficult if they don't own they're own instruments though.

Edit: Yea it'll be great for them, doing what you like and getting paid for it too.
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Teach them

1.Smoke on water riffs or Smells like teen or anything Greenday
2.Power Chords
5.Tapping (they will love that trust me)
7.Chromatic Runs
8. Basic Music Theory
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