lol i feel dumb. but like when you mute and all how exactly do you do it? like with your picking hand? haha.
i just wana make sure because i dont want to be doing it wrong or anything.
You can mute with either hand. You can use the free fingers on your fretting hand to mute strings of you can use the palm or the fingers of your right hand.
If you'r talking about palm muting, you rest your hands on the strings and then strum I think. Im kind of a noob to lol.
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There is palm muting/picking hand
There is finger muting or muffling? It creates alittle harmonic pleasure to your sound but not too hard because you will sound the string then losing the mute effect.
ok so like with finger muting or muffling would you put your finger on the note like your playing it but just rest it on the string?
btw thanks people.
when muting occurs with the fretting hand, the finger/fingers touch the strings enough to cancel the noise made when they are strummed, cause only the fretted notes to be heard.

Palm muting is done with the strumming hand. This is when you take side of your hand, place it as close as possible to the bridge on the strings , and play.

Side of your hand=put your right hand out in front of you( saying your a right handed guitarist) an make an "L" with it. Follow the line from the end of your thumb to the opposite side of your hand. That's the part that is put on the strings.