i got NOO money and i want some kind of multi effect pedal system and the best opton i could find was the Line 6 pocket pod. Im open to other suggestions. <>
its good i like it, lots of good tones, the custom tones you can download are pretty good. it is a little digital sounding.
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If you are only using it for home practice/recording, I'd get a Line 6 Toneport GX and upgrade to the Power Pack so that you have a POD XT equivalent device. I just bought mine and I love it!
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yeah, if you have a working computer that runs XP, the Toneport would be a better idea. you still have the headphone jack and the possibility to run it through speakers. it's also cheaper and is more versatile because you can't get the model packs with the PP. the only downfall is, it's not as portable and if you have a slow computer or a computer with a bad soundcard or RAM and such, it's going to lag and sound like crap.
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
They're good if you want to practice with headphones and have heaps of effects.
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They're good if you want to practice with headphones and have heaps of effects.

Heaps of effects is right, almost 350 of 'em.

I had one, they're nice.
u can find podxt's for pretty cheap now...under $200...i own one for practice with headphones...but i wouldnt use it as my main system
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