I was wondering if anyone knew of resources that would help me towards becoming a guitar luthier. I'm only 16 and just left high school but I was wondering if anybody could help me think of the different steps to go through to become a known guitar luthier over time. I've begun making a stratocaster to replicate the Tom Delonge signature model and will continue making guitars for friends who are also guitarists.
At present my plans are just to get a job,gather resources for building different types of guitars, different constructions and so on. But curious to whether anybody knows any real steps that would help me out big time. Its a dream I have to become a well known guitar luthier, whether it seems outrageously silly or admirable its what I want to do with my life.
Any help?
well whichever its referred to high school middle school or what
i'm in england we have primary secondary and college
so i assumed it was high school
my mistake
Theres some pretty big steps you need to take before that happens, how acomplished are you at making guitars? Your first guitar? If so you need to build quite a few untill you are skilled enough so that some one will actually buy one, then you gotta make a good name for yourself in the UK and may be globally, that means high quality, resonable prices for the work involved, delivering on time etc

your going to have to invest a huge amount of money on tools and a workshop.

I'm sure there are many other factors involved.

Are there any big guitar techs/luthiers near where you live? I suggest asking for an assistants job there to begin with.

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