Well today I got back my squire from my firend ( he was learning for a bit). When I let him borrow it only the bridge and middle bridge combination worked. So today I resoldered everything with new wires and such but now the bridge/neck, neck, and neck/middle combination work. If it helps any the pickups are GFS Texas alnico(I think) and I was using the seymour duncan diagram for 3 singles, 1 volume, 2 tones. I really want to get this fixed so anything that will fix this will help
Need more info. Or a good pic of the guts.

edit: Does it have the stock switch where all the lugs are in a straight line, or is it the type with 4 on each side?
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What type of info do you need. I cannot find my camera right now but I will put a picture up when I get my hands on it(tomorrow morning)

Edit:yea it is the one with all of them in a straight line
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Mainly, I just needed a pic of how you wired it.

What about the switch question in my last post?

All I can really say atp is check the connections, could be a dirty volume pot or a bad jack as well. Can't really say yet.
If you did not see in my previous post it is the type of switch with all of the lugs in a line

Note:Theres a killswitch there and i am planning on also connecting that after i fix the problem. Thats the best image i can get out of the Camera i was Using.Hope that the pics help

Edit: Does this help?Position 1 and 5 have No sound coming out from them
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Alright so today I decided to see if different added wires Will make everything work. They The wirings work so now all of the pickups sound but i have a slight problem.

If you noticed about the positions the middle one is where the neck should be. Should i keep it like that or change it. Also i hooked up the Empty lug to the last Tone pot because it stopped the buzzing that keep going on when i was testing eveything. Anythoughts would be cool
Here's the pinout for that type of switch:

Those pics are terrible, too.

Wire it like this:

Also, remove those wires linking the pots. You don't need them since the foil is already connecting all the components. This'll make it quieter. Just solder the pup and bridge grounds to the back of the vol. pot.
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