I was thinking awhile ago about trying my hand at soldering (due to two highly experianced people in my family), and came across Build Your Own Clone pedals. The kits to build various pedals are under 100 bucks, and from the reviews on Harmony Central, they seem to be really damn good (according to some, better than the pedals they're modeled after). So I have a few questions about them:

1. Who on here owns/has built a pedal from BYOC? How hard was the actual building/soldering?
2. How do they sound (both clean and dirty, through the front end of an amp, the effects loop, etc etc)?
3. How do they compared to the pedals they're modeled after (like their Mouse is to the ProCo Rat, like their Phase is to the MXR Phase 90, etc etc.)?
4. For the price, do they sound better/as good as/worse that the pedals they're modeled after, or for that matter other pedals in or above their price range?

Thanks in advance.
i haven't tried, sounds like a cool project,
i'd guess the sound/ overall quality of the pedal, would depend on how well you build it.

see if i built it, it'd be crap, cuz i suck at everything.

if you are going to do it, have one of the two semi experts supervise.

plus, you would have a one of a kind pedal.
custom. there's a word we're all crazy about.
i built myself a phase 90 clone, it's one of the old ones from BYOC (i think they changed it after i made mine) but they're nice pedals. phase 90 sounds really meaty. i have a RAT, TS808, Digital Delay (i think they discontinued this one), and a tremolo. they all sound spectacular.

if you have experience with soldering, it'd be pretty easy until soldering the 3pdt switch. if you have no experience, it might be a bit tough to make it clean. cleanness decides how well it functions.

They're worth way more than what i paid for, they sound better than the reissue ones at guitar center. by a lot.
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cool, it sounds great. And yea, either of the two family members would be walking me through how to solder (which i believe BYOC will send you a free test kit with your first order), so I don't think the actual building will be insanely hard (still daunting cuz I've never soldered).

So soundwise, they sound really nice? That's the only thing holding me back from trying one. I loved their Big Muff copy (is sounded clearer than the vintage rams head one, at least to my ears, which shocked me), and their delays sound really cool (the one with Ping Pong option). I couldn't find clips of the Phaser or the Chorus, but their supposedly based off the Phase 90 and Small Clone respectively. If it winds up BYOC DOES make really great sounding pedals, then for like 75 bucks I could have a custom built pedal that sounds better than either of those pedals, which is basically what I'm after.
Clone pedals are usually good.

PM the.spine.surfs.

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I'm so looking forward to getting the 808 copy. I've looked around quite a bit and seen nothing but good things about these guys. For the price you really can't go wrong.
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They're good kits - you'll want to get their signal tester as well, since it makes debugging 1000 times easier (that and a digital multi-meter).

You might also want to check generalguitargadgets.com - the instructions are less detailed and there's less support, but the kits are just as good and less expensive.
I built the 5 knob compressor. As long as you follow the directions should have no problem. Not going to find many good truebypass compressors for that price. Alot of compressors have just volume and sustain. The added tone knob is nice as is the blend control has attack to. It also comes with a spare set of transistors and ic to change the tone if you want.
i built my tubescreamer from generalguitargadgets.com. it was like $50, and it sounds amazing. it also has a switch for three diferent clippers. standard, clean boost, and LEDs
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I built their tremolo and only had one easily-solved problem with it. It's a really really nice tremolo. Go for it, they're really rewarding to make and use.
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alright, thanks guys. hopefully after [or should i say IF] I can get a new guitar, I'll give em a go. I'll probably go with the delay first, or their phaser. thanks for the help.