I've only heard the guitar being played of this song because my best friend likes to play it every now and then. the guitar is fine, a bit more effort needs to be put into fixing the slight fret buzz coming through. I'm not sure if that is the guitar being stupid or the way he is fretting it.

your vocals sound really weird, the pitch seems fine to me, but its as if you're a country boy or sitting on the toilet. bring the placement of the tone forward instead of holding it back near your pharynx. I'm not sure if you are trying to imitate the singer from seether or not because I haven't heard the actual original before. either way, the vocal tone sounds horrible in my opinion.
Yeah... That song don't really work vocally unless you sing sort of like Shaun. The guitar was pretty damn good, and as has been noted, your pitch was fine. I don't know if that is your normal singing style, but the styling was pretty rough. That song needs some grit to sound proper IMO, and you will never get grit holding your voice in like that.
the guitar was okay....
but I think that the vocal needs a lot of working, the pronunciation of the words needs to be improved and there were some parts you got out of the tune...