I've been playing guitar for about five years now... So I'd consider myself an intermediate/advanced player...

Anyways, I'd like to teach my girlfriend guitar... But have no idea where to start (from complete ground zero)...

Any ideas as to what I should do for a few "First lessons"?
Find out what kind of music she likes and teach her some simple stuff to start off. Assuming she likes the mainstream, maybe teach her some Hey There Delilah.

PS: It's la guitarra
Basic chords are always a good start, and again find out what music she likes
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Id start with basic chords as a first playing lesson. Teacher her 3 chords or so, and she could learn many, many songs.
Yeah, Something like learning decent songs is a good way to keep her interested, thanks!

(Though I think she'd laugh and call me a lame ass if I played/taught her "Hey there Delilah")

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teach her to remove the G string, and make sure she knows all the correct ways of fingering A minor.
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