Okay ive recently been getting into alot of children of bodom and i was wondering whats there easiest songs? Or just riffs from them. Also which one of there songs has the easiest sweeping lick? I just learned sweep picking about 2 weeks ago is there any that are easy or should i just skip all of them?
Sixpounder, Hatebreeder, and In Your Face are easy songs.

Hatebreeder has a sweep in there that is pretty easy as well.
Learn In Your Face. It's moderately easy yet still awesome.
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Ya, I would try the hatebreeder arpeggio bit, and the triple corpse hammerblow one, lake bodom is good to learn... the list goes on...
Bed of Razors?
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id say kissing the shadows but like someone said it does have quite a few sweeps but theyre all fairly easy to get down with some practice
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