so just to start of i have a 1979 gibson the paul, its a VERY old guitar, so its more of a trophy type thing, i play it, i just dont use it like my other guitars, anyway

im currently saving up cash for a new gibson

either a Gibson Les Paul Stuido in either Alpine White, or Fireburst

or Gibson SG Standard in Ebony or Natural Burst

I wanna save to about $1600 and then pick and i currently have $185 but anyway

which guitar should i get?
currently a prs se custom (top guitar) shecter c-1 diamond series, gibson the paul, erm epi sg special, ibanez ael20e
I'd go for the SG, I've always thought the cheap LP's were crap. Just not up to standards of what you would expect from Gibson.
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sg because they sound great id get it in ebony natural burst on them is something im no fan of
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Keep saving and sell a few of your others and get an LP Classic. I agree about the the quality of the lower end LPs and I've never been a fan of the SG, too fragile.
actually im starting something of a collection, and hope to teach my children on my lower end models, im only 16 but i have big dreams for them lol, so selling is out of the question, but i do like lp classics very nice look and sound, but i like the light weight of the sg
well you should get whichever one would add to your possibilities more, I'd get the SG as an upgrade from the Epi SG
but since you said you dont like to work the old paul, you should probably get the
les paul studio since you'd have a les paul you can work with more, the vintage probably isn't very diverse
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its not that i dont like the lp but i am afraid of any kind of damage lol

exactly, so you should get the LP studio, so youve got an LP you dont have to be so tender with
always loved the lps sound, always hated the weight thats why im really thinkin, i love sgs and always have but i like lps alot too, ill just weight and while im saving ill think of wat i want im sure
I played a gibson les paul studio at GC about 2 weeks ago and it was extremely light. I think they changed part of the wood in it. Has anyone else played a studio lately? Try both guitars out before you buy.
i own an 06' lp studio and it is awsome. i'd save up and get a lp classic. besides, if you are saving up to 1600$, you could get a classic or a custom.
it depends on what type of music u prefer to play, i find that the lp studio is more versatile, i own one and i play everything from blues to trash metal and the pickups mon the lp studio are really nice and hot. the sg standard is nice too, better for classic rock imo, kinda like an lp classic...
Out of those two? SG Standard all the way much better then the Les Paul studio.

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get an Epi Elitist $1099-1149

from Guitar Player Magazine review...

"a no-compromises Les Paul that rivals any on the sub-Custom-Shop market."

full review... http://www.guitarplayer.com/article/epiphone-les-paul/jan-06/16870


i use to own a Gibson SG Standard (loved it) but the LP's sound better, plan to get an Elitist LP myself
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i would say buy the sg, really nice sound. but test them in a store first to see what hits your likings :p
SG Standard is just better than LP Studio. But think for yourself, go and try to compare them. These comments are useless. Let your ears decide!