Simple really just state where you are in life now and then where you plan to go.
For example:

Im in year 9 and i live in Australia.
I plan on doing university in Australia but then i want to move to America.
Hopefully i will move to the Mountain view area near the google campus in California.
If i like America i will stay there indefinately.

So what do u plan on doing?

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2 more years until I finish.
Hopefully I'll get good grades in IB go study in a good uni, then go live in Sweden.

and marry a hot swedish girl.
After my degree, I want to move in Toronto, and hopefully marry a nice asian woman with high career expectations like me.
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or maybe an author.
or maybe a lawyer.
or perhaps.... an interior decorator.
no, maybe a soccer mom.
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I'am either gonna leave Illinois and head towards The Appalachian Mountains and become an axe murderer with a deep dark secret, or gonna start my own website where I give people the chance to vote on what kind of food product I'll sex...LIVE. If none of that works out though I'll just keep breeding Chocobos.
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im enjoying life right now, and right now is all that matters for me,
carpe diem, and all that stuff.
High school sophomore in the fall. Double major in college in music and physics (I know, I'm crazy), end up with a PhD in theoretical physics. Other stuff: paint, draw, architecture, writing. Careers will follow mostly physics and music. Marry/room with a hot musician. Saxophonist. Wait, drummer. Wait, guitarist.

Texas is probably the best spot for me. I'm an east coast college hopeful, though, but where I move after that will all depend on the universities and music scenes around America.
Finish high school, go either to MI in Hollywood or to the U of O (either doing an English major or going to the music school), work at a guitar shop for years, eventually start my own when I have enough money, work there for the rest of my life and actually be nice to all my customers.
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im in year 9 in aus as well
but so far my only plans is to tour the world in my gap year (or 2)
and work in various european countrys (i have an irish passport and can get a english one)
o and go through asia and also america
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I often think about it, though Im only going into Grade 10. Lawyer/ Architect? I really dunno I do wanna move to Toronto though I currently live about 1 hour away.
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If none of that works out though I'll just keep breeding Chocobos.

lawlz. I have a golden one
i finished school, got into college...it sucked, dropped out, tried to go into music college, phailed the skills test

now i have nothing to do and nowhere to go =D
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Finish highschool, regardless of the status of my diploma, then move to the LA area with a couple friends, play in a band and live off the music.
My life plan is to finish high school, move to sweden,get a band together,get married, and try to make a good living off music and if that fails to happen i have a plan b and c
Meh study further, go to Uni, get some qualifications, start work, save, get married them live the rest of my life peacefully then die of old age with family around - generic life meh.

and of course guitaring on the side.
I want to get my IB diploma, go to a UC school or a private university somewhere in California, then I'll probably go to graduate school and then get a job or start my own business. I'll get married around that time and then I'll eventually have kids. Assuming we don't blow ourselves up or get ****ed by global warming, I want to retire early and then travel constantly. Finally, I want to die somewhere cool, possibly on the moon.
hopefully, I will be a legal drug paraphernalia dealer and live a good life. and hopefully, I will still enjoy making music
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Right now I'm an unemployed College Freshman at UCO.

I'm going to get a degree in Sociology with emphasis on Human Services (Social Work), and minor in Music, though I might change that to Jazz Studies or Psychology. I'm thinking about going into the Peace Corps after college to get some experience and resume fattening in Costa Rica or Romania. Once I'm done with that I should be well on my way to a Masters in Sociology. I'll be working as a Social Worker probably, which will be great being able to help people like that. I'll probably teach Bass a bit on the side for some extra cash. After all that I really can't say, maybe a law degree, maybe a doctorate, hopefully a family and a laid-back involvement in a local music scene.

During all that I'm going to continue pursuing a music career, looking for a woman, and probably eating a whole lot of Ramen thanks to being a poor long-term college student.

Now that I think of it, that "Long-Term" is only about 10 years, I have no clue what I'm going to be doing after any of that.
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I plan to finish studying my career (accounting and finance), start working on something related to it and save up some money to study a doctoral degree at harvard in economics. Then, turn into a businessman and investor, trying to be a shareholder of some important companies

It has been my dream to be an important businessman since I was little

Of course I will keep trying to get in the music industry in the process. That would be way cooler, but I know there's a little chance of that for everyone.
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Well I'm in year 11 now in Australia, I'll either drop out of school after year 11, or finish year 12 and get my HSC.
When I'm out of school, I'll probably just work with my dad for a year or 2, cause it's good pay.. And I'll probably spend all my money on gear, but hopefully I'll get a car, hopefully a Chevelle ('71 ), and I'll hopefully be gigging with my band during this time, and getting something recorded.
After that, I'll decide where I want to go from there. Hopefully I'll be able to continue with my band, but if we don't make it, I'd like to open my own music store.

Throw in a wife and some kids and I'll die a happy man.
Pass my exams and get through med school.
I'll be a doctor then.
But much before that finish my solo album and work on my band. Get it somewhere significant. Probably on my own label or a new indie label i can work closely with.
Set up a music studio where i can continue working on some amazing music and also probably record and produce other artists music. Maybe even give them a break on my label if i feel they deserve it.
Do some business **** with shares n stuff.
Work on the superhero graphic novel series that i've planned on working on. If possible make an anime out of it.
And yeah, gotta see how things turn out and i'll plan my life accordingly.
But for the next 5-10 years, this is my plan.

EDIT: forgot bout my music studio plans. Every producers needs to a have a proper music studio of his own!!
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I've just went into 5th year.
I want to finish 5th and 6th
Then go to uni to study sound engineering.
Get a job in sound engineering.
Maybe open my own studio then label.

Let's see how it works out though.
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I've got one year left of college. Then I plan to work for about a year, save up money, then travel around with some friends. Then I'm studying medecine at Uni.