So I have a quick question here, probably quite elementary, but bear with me. My rig currently consists of an MIA Deluxe Stratocaster with a JB jr. in the bridge running through a Visual Sound H2O Courus/Delay, a Boss OD-3 Overdrive, and a BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost into an Orange AD15/12. Now, I love the distortion capabilities of the Orange (I play alot of Coldplay/DCFC/ect. Indie type stuff) but I ocassionally jam with some friends who play more hardcore type stuff.
BUT, the Boss is noisy as HECK. like as soon as it gets turned on if the amp is cranked it does nothing but feeds back. The orange is my first tube amp, so i don't really know if this is common or not.

Secondly, anybody got any opinions on the PRO CO RAT 2 with the Orange natural overdrive sound?
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Can't help you though.

How close are you to the amp? Also is there alot of overall hum and noise with the feedback?

Cranked amps can feedback with guitars a lot, many guitarists harness controlled feedback to get a lot of sustain. However it's quite dependent on the amps surroundings and the guitars position to the amp. Also single coils can be noisier.

That's really all I can help unfortunately. I would try moving to different positions around the amp with the guitar. However the problem could be from something else.
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