I searched this and the last thread is 7 months old, so i figured i'd start a new one.

Does anybody know where i can get some GY!BE merch? They're such an incredibly talented band i wouldn't mind wearing a shirt or two from them.
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I don't think Constellation really do merch. Even at gigs they generally just sell CDs/records.
Anything on eBay is likely to be homemade, although that isn't necessarily a bad thing.
taken from the Constellation website
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I've only heard the song Sleep, but they are absolutely amazing.

Sleep isn't that great IMO. Listen to Storm, it's a very powerful song that builds and builds.

Also Static is great, especially once the first speech and the light violins stop. It starts to get dark and the bass line is SICK! I beleive that part of the song is called World Police and Friendly Fire, it's great.

Also, take a look at F♯A♯∞ and check out The Cowboy, Kicking Horse on Broken Hill, Providence, and all of East Hastings and The Dead Flag Blues. Great album.

And from Yanqui U.X.O; Motherfucker=Redeemer is epic as well as Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls

Oh, and I almost forgot. Check out their first EP; Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada... 'tis quite powerful.
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Slow Riot is my absolute favourite Godspeed release. That build about 12 minutes into BBF3... oh man.
i don't like Yanqui U.X.O much. maybe i just haven't spent enough time with it.
I only have Yanqui U.X.O and Slow Riot. Out of the two I prefer Yanqui. It's very powerful at moments, but I have to be in the right mood to listen to GY!BE. I still need to get Lift Your Fists our whatever it's called seeing as it's considered their best.
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i don't like Yanqui U.X.O much. maybe i just haven't spent enough time with it.

nah, it is their worst. i'm pretty glad they knew when to call it quits, sad that they couldn't make better use of albini, though.
and i hope they don't. good while it lasted, but i don't think there's anything to gain from doing so.
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I have Lift Yr Skinny Fists and F#A# Infinity. Is Yanqui that bad?

Well, it's not as good as the previous two, but Mother****er=Redeemer is a great song.
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I have Lift Yr Skinny Fists and F#A# Infinity.
and so far my favorite track is Sleep. specifically the first two parts of it.

In fact I'm listening to them now. a very talented band in my opinion.