I was attempting to roughly make a song in the style of Satriani, and while I don't think I succeeded in that aspect, I do think it's a decent tune in it's own right. It's fun, and I'm having fun making it.

It's about 80% complete, I was thinking of adding a second guitar solo, and maybe another riff/melody before ending it.


New sections added.
There are some problems with the transitions, I'm working on it, but if anyone has any ideas for the drum fill in bar 47 I'd greatly appreciate it. Also the transitions in and out of the section at bar 60 need a little work, but I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to do this, especially getting out of it again.

The last 8 bars of solo aren't what I had intended. I originally recorded myself improvising over the rhythm, but tabbing what I was actually doing was proving too difficult. I was trying to do some weird stuff sliding from one bend to another, and using the whammy bar at the same time. Anyway, I just kind of put a bluesy pentatonic thing in there as a placeholder until I can figure out how to tab what I actually did.

7/09 - Minor alterations, and cleaned up some stuff. Still working on solving the problem with the transition at bar 61. Also trying to figure out a better intro to the song, it just seems too sudden to me.

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- cool riff!

-solo at bar 23 is really good...actually it keeps up that standard the whole way through!

-When the first acoustic guitar comes in that whole section was really catchy.

Overall I think that you've created a really cool melodic guitar orientated instrumental. Any fans of the genre would like it and it's catchy enough for people who don't know the genre well to appreciate it. The only thing that I think that could improve it is perhaps some more tension and release throughout the song, but at the same time that could ruin the laid-back and satchy feel it has at the moment.

A solid 9/10.
interesting riffs
variating the main riff
soli are not like 'typing in random notes of the scale'
i felt that happy mood

bar 13&14 seems weird, but it's just my personal taste
transition bar 47 & 60
drums are kinda boring
i dont like that happy mood

please pick that riff at 13-14 up and work on it. sounds cool for itself but it doesnt fit in your main riff.
i wont rate this song, because you said it's just 80% finished.
but it's a good song already.
It's great. The beginning sounded like the "Friends" TV show theme song...I don't watch that...

Solo is also great. I was gonna say it ended shortly, but you said you weren't done. I'll like to see how this turns out.
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I enjoyed literally every second of that. you write leads so well that everything just sort of flows and nothing sounds awkward at all. 10/10

EDIT: realized you already critted that one. here's another: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=896481
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epic man, the solo's, were amazing, the couple of iffy transitions, but i think u know that already, and the intro man, its fine, i don't think its too sudden, 8.5/10
Newest version just went up. I've improved the transitions somewhat, but they're still not to my satisfaction. But I'm getting closed to finished, although I've yet to decide how I'm going to end it. Endings and transitions seem to be my biggest area of weakness.

The transition into the final section does not exist yet. I'm not sure how I'm going to do it. So there will be something between bars 97-98, I just haven't figured out what

I think I'm all caught up in C4C, but if for any reason I've missed anyone let me know and I'll check your stuff out.

bar 13&14 seems weird, but it's just my personal taste
I dont like that happy mood

Odd, I love that part of the song. I'm curious if it's caused by the rhythm part or the melody part? But really I'm surprised it's working as well as it is. I'm fooling around with Pitch Axis and Modal interchange and all that fun stuff, and it seems to be working better than I had hoped.

And what's the matter with happy music?! Is everyone going through a stage of dark dissonant eeevil music?
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Great song

Firstly, I think this sounds really Satriani-ish, I don't know how you can think that you didn't succeed in that.

I didn't really like the main riff, maybe if it had some more variation it could be better. The lead over the riff was a bit poor also - maybe too much legato? That's probably just me though.

The song really got better with the first solo though. Great lead, and the chords starting at bar 35 fit in really well. I really love the chords and the way the lead follows them on bars 43 and 94 - maybe you could expand on that theme a bit more?

Bar 47 has the main riff again - still doesn't sit right with my ears. Lead is alot more interesting though.

The song from solo 2 onwards is really great though. I love the 'mood' that this song conveys.

I think this is a great song - the transitions weren't all that bad either. I like how it changes key without sounding 'off'. The main riff is all that's keeping this from sounding like a professional song to me - but that's probably more subjective on my part.


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Sounded great. I thought about the first third of the song or so was too happy sounding, the cheesy kind of happy that gets on my nerves. Nice lead work there, every solo was. I especially liked the lead near the end. Drums and bass were fine, not spectacular but they were fine. The song was kind of repetitive, might wanna include some kind of guitar only break or something. I don't really know what else to say... good job.
nice riffs and solos and beats and everything.
song went so well together. all the parts seemed to fit perfectly with the others and there was a great amount of melody.
transitions, although sometimes a bit abrupt, all seemed pretty spot on. I love how you just sweep (not used as a guitar term here to stop confusion ) into a new style everytime you come to a new section and then jump right back into the main focus. as far as improvements go, I would say harmonizing the solos at certain points would work wonders as well as having some layered parts playing totally different things to spice things up, and a couple drum/bass/rhythm solos would sound great scattered here and there. it'd be cool if you added some synth to back it up also.

but great song.

and thanks so much for judging the rock competition.
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Thanks for judging the Rock Comp

Overall, I give this song 7.5/10. There were some really inspired chordchanges and solo riffs, and as a whole I was impressed by it. Some bits however were outside of my personal taste, so I didn't like them so much. Obviously that's just my personal taste, it's all composed great, just some parts are outside my comfort zone, y'know?

Overall, thumbs up
The intro riff is kinda cool.
When the other guitar comes in, it sounds kind of weird, but probably because of midi or something, but it is a good intro solo nontheless..
I love that riff at 13-15 (and generally the whole intro, although maybe try not to use too much slides and legato, maybe it will sound better)

Afterwards the riff is good also...
I love the mood of solo 2, and the transition to solo 3 is kind of sudden, but works..

Maybe put a breakdown afterwards (if it is not the last part). Or maybe make it go back to the happy riff, and end it with another solo (maybe a more explosive one, since it ends the song). Try using synth in the end maybe, or the acoustic guitar backing too...

Overall great song, twitch a little bit the main riff, and end it with a bang!!
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The intro riff is kinda cool.
When the other guitar comes in, it sounds kind of weird, but probably because of midi or something, but it is a good intro solo nontheless..
I love that riff at 13-15 (and generally the whole intro, although maybe try not to use too much slides and legato, maybe it will sound better)

I think one or two other people said the same thing. It doesn't sound weird to me exactly, but it's nowhere near as good as it could be either. The main "happy" melody was a real pain in the ass to actually tab out. The funny thing is when I play it, I'm using even more legato than I've actually got tabbed out. I'm picking about about half as many notes on my guitar as are picked in the GP version. The melody was really supposed to just kind of flow or glide along. So I'm curious as to what you guys would think of the actual recording.

My playing for that one part is a little more relaxed too. Satriani has always been kind of a huge influence to me and I've kind of tried to copy him in the way that he can play the same 5 notes in the same order, but phrase it in such a way that it sounds completely different each time. So anyway my point being is that the slides and the timing vary each time it happens, but I've found it nearly impossible to tab what I'm actually playing.
Very good :O I'll say nothin, everything's already said.
Intro was a bit too Major for my taste, but nice nonetheless. The lead was pretty cool. Solo was really nice, reminded me of 70s rock with a more technical twist. The Minor part was really amazing. Simply great. I didn't really like the transition back to Major, it lacked something. But still nice. The 94-97 was really nice. The solo after that was great. It ended too abruptly though. On the whole great.
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Wow, you've resurrected a really old song! Might be worth pulling it out again since I never did finish it. Although some of you clever people may notice that I actually used the end section of this song in my latest song. It was always one of my favorite solos and I never really felt it fit very well into this song,