What type of picking methods do guitarist like hendrix,clapton,page,frusciante,mccready, etc... use? I happen to see a Jimmy Page video where he was directional picking on an arpeggio on the song, Achilles last stand. If Page does this on arpeggios, does that mean he econmy picks, or he alt picks and do arpeggios with directional picking?

heres a good vid where you can see his picking hand, so can tell me what type of picking techique clapton he uses.

also figured alt. picking seems ackward when doing riffs or slow stuff, as down picking it would be easier or directional picking.
Well, I know Knopfler uses a variation of the clawhammer banjo picking technique.

Though, I have no idea what you'd classify Jeff Beck's technique as...
Do YOU know who Les Paul is?

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