Ok well for a long time ive wanted to get ahold of a good iceman, the two that have really caught my eye and interest are the IC-400 and the IC-350. Ive seen the IC-400 played in many videos, and ive seen one demo video for it. I really like its sound, especially the buzzy humming sound it has on clean.

I also saw the IC-350 and saw that its the only iceman model that has a trememlo bar, and on top of that its a floyd rose so its probably pretty good. It also has the same pickups so it would sort of sound similar, but its made completely different (different wood too), so it would probably sound different anyways. I havnt seen it or heared it played before though so I dont know if I should try to get an IC-350 or a IC-400.

What do you guys think? the IC-350 is really rare and the ones ive seen sold cost around the same as the IC-400 does, I could easily get an IC-400 now though if it sounds good I think im going to wait and try to get the IC-350 but I need a second opinion.

(if somebody is selling one please contact me as well).

Thanks in advance!

I have a IC-400 and it sounds absolutely amazing, but I have also heard IC-350 before and they sound fairly decent too. I would just say, if you use tremelo a lot, go for the IC-350 so you have that advantage. Either way, the tone on both of them is pretty good. If you aren't patient, you can get IC-400 pretty easily now a days, if you are patient and needy of a tremelo system, wait out for the IC-350.
I would choose the IC400. I chose it 2 years ago, and I would still choose it today. The only thing that bothered me was the fairly low output stock pups, so i replaced the AH-2 with a Seymour Duncan.