A few months ago, I was at GC, just killing time.
I picked up this Telecaster Baja.
Didn't plug it in (I rarely do, I go more for feel than sound at first, as long as the guitar manufacturer has a decent reputation, besides all the Vai wanna-bes where in there).

Anyway, this thing had one of those baseball bat sized necks, but I loved the feel.
Any disadvantages to this type of neck, like will it tire you out more or anything else negative?

The thin necks are known to tire the player out faster than fat necks; someone else on here can probably explain why.

Get the tele!
Actually, I never thought of how a think neck could tire you out, but now i could see why.
When gripping the neck for a long time, my thumb gets tired, so with less to grip, i suppose it would be more of a struggle to have your whole hand on the neck, therefore, tiring your hand out.

At least thats how I imagine it...
That sound right anybody?