Verse 1: I feel in love with you, but youre outta my reach. Your face in every stupid magazine I see, they remind me of all that I cant keep.

Verse 2: These feelings follow wherever I go and cover my body from head to toe. I wish I could tell you, I think you should know but I dont think I can take another no.

Chorus: So lets spend all afternoon listening to a brand new tune. We have all the time we need for just you and me.

Verse 3: Fairytales might not happen, but you can at least try. Just make sure all your time doesnt fly by. When youre caught in this moment you gotta watch out because those sad endings will bring you down.

Chorus (1x)

Bridge: These tears of quicksand suck me lower and lower; these earthquakes of heartbreaks tear me in two. To make me feel better lets put our lips together and make our wildest dreams come true.

Chorus (2x)

Comment on it.
The flow is nice. Good word choice and what not...but I dunno if I feel it. I might just be burnt on this genre though, so don't take me too seriously. Kind of sounds like your setting up a story about a girl who's famous, and you're not good enough for her, but then you don't stick with it....

Not sure. It kind of bounces around a bit..
But I'm sure with some tweaking you could nail it.
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