Hey all, I'm new on this site and I came to ask a question about which amp I should buy.. I am switching from bass to guitar so I don't know much about what I need but I'm looking for mainly a metal/progressive amp (Pantera, Protest the Hero, Symphony X etc ) but I think I would like to play some clean stuff from BLS, etc. I have about 800-1000$ Canadian to spend. Basically what I am looking for is a nice 4x12 Cabinet and a nice head, I don't really want to buy it brand new - Chances are I can find it in mint shape for a cheaper price, so put down what you think is a good amp I could get for 800-1000$ used.. Thanks guys!
Used Peavey 5150/6505
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Used Peavey JSX, used 5150/6505, maybe (MAYBE) a used Mesa Mark IV if you get lucky.
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right now what Im seein on local trade sites is about 1200 for the 5150 and that Mesa Mark is a good 1700 and the JSX is 1200 also( just for the head ) I'm in Canada too, stuff here isn't cheap
check out a B-52AT on whatever website you use.
those amps are really great.
also look for F-series Mesas i think those amps are your best shoot for an affordable metal amps, not just that but the B-52 is frieken awesome.
**** man Peavey XXX = 1000$ for the head, I need a cabinet and head for like 800-1000$ ><
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No one has recommended a used Peavey XXX? That's what Luke uses from PTH I think. Or the other one.

I dont know the peavey XXX and valvekings are peaveys weak chains in there line of amps.
I dont like em cause i dont know the tone is not right for me its just to thin.
the bugera 333XL is a bettor amp i must say new that you could get for the same price as a used peavey XXX.
the peavey is such a disapointment, it tries to do everything and fails misarably.
dude the peavey xxx is ****ing awesome
i dont mean to flame or anything but that is the dumbest statement ive ever heard
i know the VK sucks but seriously its ****ing 500 dollars

i do agree that the bugera is a good idea ive heard nothing but good things about them
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**** man Peavey XXX = 1000$ for the head, I need a cabinet and head for like 800-1000$ ><

Hmmm are you looking used? And for cabinet get an Avatar for the money they are the best. And seeing as how you're on a budget it suits.