Just answer what you can, I don’t expect you to read it all, answer 1 or 2 if you'd like.

I didn't really know where to put this because it mushes a bunch of categories together but oh well.

1. I have a stock Ltd Viper-50 that was 200$, I had a GAS phase but now I'm over it, I don't really mind either way on this decision. I could get a new, possibly 400-600$ guitar, or nicely upgrade guitar. I'm really into the sg shape so this is good, and if I were to get a new guitar I would probably get a Les Paul-shape copy. I play mostly metal.

2. (If upgrading the Viper) What Humbuckers should I get? To be honest the other option is to spend 500$ so really money is not an issue with these pickups, nothing over 130$ a pickup which is reasonable. As I said I play metal, I don’t usually play songs with a clean sound, I also want a bright pickup that’s versatile when it comes to the styles of rock. ALSO IMPORTANT; I want a pickups that sounds good with Basswood, because that’s what wood it is, its not agathis.

3. (If upgrading the Viper) My only issue with upgrading is, is it worth it? I'm wondering if Basswood is decent quality because I don’t want to have awesome pickups, awesome hardware and crap wood. So this question is simple jut tell me if Basswood is decent quality.

4. My amp is a Roland Micro Cube; I only play at home, so I CANNOT have a loud amp. Is it fine to just keep this amp? Want a quality amp but quiet.

5. I've heard multi effect pedals don’t come out well on low-watt practice guitars, so can just a normal wah pedal sound ok?

6. (On the wah pedal) I'm thinking about a weeping demon, any recommendations are fine.

7. This is just kind of random, but can a person go to a guitar shop and get a tremolo installed? I'm thinking about doing that if I decide to upgrade my Viper, and how much does it usually cost?
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1. I don't see a question mark. I guess you are asking if you should get a new $600 guitar or upgrade your current $200 one? Probably be better off buying a $600 one because it will have better craftsmanship.

2. Get some emg actives. put an 81 in the bridge and a 60 in the neck. The 60 has good clean tone.

3. For $600 you can get a nice alder body guitar like a jackson dinky dkmg or an ESP LTD ec-500 or ec-400 which is an LP shape and has a mahogany body.

4. Roland micro cubes are great quality amps.

7. You can get anything guitar related done at a guitar shop. But its better to go to a local shop and not guitar center or something. They are usually better than the guitar techs at a big chain store.
ok thanks, also how often do actives need thier battery changed?
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Money doesn't fuel good music. Passion does.

As far as the pickups go, if you play metal, and obviously like Metallica, I think you would like the 500T. It is not as trebely as the 498T, but is very hot and punchy. Some people trash talk it, but I think it is a very good pickup, and will give you an early thrash metallica type tone.

edit: get a lot of opinions before making a pickup choice
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Reading reviws that 500t sounds versitile
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Money doesn't fuel good music. Passion does.

There's no point upgrading pickups with a Microcube, it's a great little amp but it's not going to give you the benefits from new pickups.
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Ok so you have around 600$?
I recommend to buy a small tube amp. Some examples:


And THEN you'll have around 300$ left so you COULD upgrade your guitar. You should hear the benefits from new pickups. And yes, basswood is good quality wood. Also you could upgrade your tuners and etc.
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i agree with roaming conflict, get a better amp and upgrade first, or you will get trapped by the sound of the microamp.