I made the horrible the decision to take a piss after I fapped. Now that my pisshole burns, what does The Pit suggest I do to ease the pain?
Hi, how are you?

No. Go to the clinic?

And most men feel the need to pee after ejaculating. It's a natural method of cleansing the ejaculate from Mr.Peeps.
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

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Just wait it out buddy. It happens to me every now and then. In fact it did earlier this evening. It sucks, I know, but soon even this hard time will pass.
Take a shower. Do it now. It will relax your muscles allowing any dried semen/ urine to drip out.

Next time, piss FIRST drink water if you have to.
It's burnin' pretty bad now. I still wanna know what the hell causes this.
Hi, how are you?
Yeah it pretty much hurts..but i just wait it out, it will probably be gone in awhile...or if all else fails.....................

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Put in mouth.
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It's burnin' pretty bad now. I still wanna know what the hell causes this.

Take a shower.
I'd suggest you try to fap to gay porn.
you're actually meant to take a leak after you have sex... so its essentially doing the same thing.

...maybe you gave yourself an instant sexual disease?

but if you still feel pain, go to the doctor.
Chances are, he's been very vigorous about it, and now there are cuts and abrasions on his penis. Only makes sense that pissing will make these sting.

Have a shower?
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Happens, wait it out
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Ok, It's gone away gentlemen.
And perhaps I was vigorous, but nonetheless, it was a good fap.
Hi, how are you?
Doesn't happen to me.
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I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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you got std i know coz i learned myself well from sex with hooker, no?

this is coming from the TS of this:
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Chop it off.


The only solution, man.
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I always piss after fapping... It cleans the pipes.

me too but. i'm too used to the burning sensation it feels good .
i like to piss after i fap, so the tip of my meat won't feel sticky. really.
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