i recorded drums with a drumset, 4 mics and a mixer, but now its a fixed track in my mixcraft. the problem is i find the bass drum and the snare drum too soft. how to i tweak the eq for the whole track that includes cymbals and everything else just to make the bass drum and snare drum sound louder?
There is a rough guideline for where you can boost to raise these frequencies, but I would recommend just doing a frequency sweep to find the best ones yourself. With EQ, the best thing to do is experiment.

However, you could try around the 100Hz mark for kick and the 1kHz for snare. That's very rough , so try a wide range.
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Every sound you can possibly make has overtones and resonances across frequencies, boosting one frequency might highlight the central tone of the kick or snare, but it'll sound really awkward and manufactured like a bad sample. EQing to highlight certain instruments will always result badly, you need to EQ for the entire mix.