This is my latest song i finished about five minutes ago. Ive still got some serious work to do especially with the solo, which i dont like at all. Tell me what you think and if i need to change or add anything because i cant think of anything else.

C4C!!!!! Just give the link.
Bull Fighter.zip
Thought it was great, definitely the best song you have ever written. Only thing I didn't really like was the first part of the solo in the interlude, it wasn't bad it just didn't fit. The rest of it is fine.

You wanna C4C I suggest Giant Mushrooms. You dislike mathcore so that rules out the first two, and Bubble Toad sounds ten times better with every instrument on RSE and your computer cant do that. So... yeah.
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I listened to this one earlier but refrained from comment.

Let's get one thing out of the way. I hate the verses. I despise them, I would cast them into musical hell to suffer eternal pain torment and the like. The blastbeat drumming also should suffer the same if not worse punishment.

Now that that's out of my system, to the rest of the song.

The first bar I felt didn't really go too well with the song, but the rest of the introduction was actually really cool. I liked the harmonized guitar, and the vaguely Spanish feel to it. I think you could have actually started off with the guitar alone, and brought the drums in slowly after you played the lead line once or twice. It felt just a little too in your face right from the start.

Then there's that verse... wait... ahem, covered that... moving on....I rather liked the pre-chorus, it was catchy and the drumming really emphasized the rhythm well.

The chorus was great, I especially liked that little harmonized guitar part at the end of the bar.

The pre-verse also bridged the gap between the chorus and the evil horrible terrible verse quite nicely.

I also liked that you brought the intro back in a second time, it felt like it came in just the right place and time.

The interlude felt like a completely different song...But I really liked it, Sounds a bit like Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt actually. The guitar solo entered very abruptly, but it actually worked pretty well. Not a bad solo, it fit the song quite well although I'd have liked to hear a little more phrasing.

I also think you could have probably skipped the main riff and just jumped to the chorus again after the solo.

There's actually quite a lot about this song I liked, it's just those damned verses....
this innovative spanish metal...
Great song man!!! but i dont like acoustic part(make it more spanish)!!!
and i advise to write good spanish solo for distortion guitar!!!

and if you want my alt.rock/metal song!!!
War Is Over
(If You Want It)


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That song was great, unlike some other people I loved the verse. The riff was a little weird, but it was heavy.

I think the transition into the soft bit was a bit odd, it just kind of changed a bit too suddenly.

I don't like the distorted solo, not sure what I don't like, just don't.

The Chorus riff is great, and very catchy.

Didn't like the end much though, it should end in a more epic fashion, which would suit the rest of the song. Maybe repeat the chorus once more.

Overall very enjoyable and very original.


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